The Process

All of our maps are meticulously researched before we begin the design and production process. We always use the most up-to-date and authoritative information to ensure that each map is accurate, or develop our own datasets when necessary to fit the requirements of the project.

Compilation & Design
The design process is where things get creative. We can build any map from the ground up or use existing styles—we love a challenge and the opportunity to make your ideas come to life.

Map Production
The key to map production is a clear, efficient, and well-managed process that doesn't hinder map design or quality. We use modern map production and information management tools and techniques that help speed up the map-making process, allowing us to focus on the details.

Editing & Verification
We care about accuracy and carefully review each map, including editing labels, colors, and every other map element. We also review the project specifications and make sure your needs are being met.

Product Delivery
We generally provide digital proofs throughout the design process (PDF format) and print proofs upon request. All projects can be delivered in any format required, whether for offset press or digital display. Working production files are also made available upon final approval.